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You’ve done it this time. They all warned you not to get involved with the Dirty Cash Cult, but you didn’t listen. Also, you were in way over your head and weren’t able to come through on your promises. Now they’re demanding payment by 7 o’clock.. You’ve got to make some major cash fast. Nobody makes a fool of Penny Arcane! You’ve heard tell of an underground den close-by that’s crawling with treasure-hoarding monsters. It’s risky, but what other option do you have? Time to pay back your debt!

Penny Arcane is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you play as a coin mage named Penny. Battle your way through the randomly generated dungeon acquiring quirky items and gold. Use your powerful coin magic wisely at the cost of health, but with the ability to heal with coins. Find shops, ATMs, and chests along the way and reach the end to fight a challenging boss with three heads. Be wary though, that doggo isn’t the only thing that bites!

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=== Controls ===
WASD - Run
Space - Jump
Shift - Dash
Mouse - Aim
F - Interact
Left Mouse Button - Fire!
Right Mouse Button - Angry Fireball
Q - Dazzle
E - Coin Shield
R - Make It Rain
Escape - Pause Menu


-Fixed teleporter text disappearing

-Fixed enemy healthbars disappearing

-Fixed damage text disappearing

-Stats now display properly at end of game

-Added video resolution options to address bug for mouse only moving in top left of screen and enabled full screen toggle with alt+enter

=== Contributors ===
Code: Patrick Hill / Aron Hommas / Kevin Ulrich
Art: Sam Bragg
Music & Sound: Tristan Deniet
Script: Tristan Deniet


Penny_Arcane.zip 109 MB

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